Friday, 21 March 2014

Celtx Poetry Winner: Yule Procession

The following poem by Allen Hartley won 1st place in the third week of our 2014 Celtx Competition. The theme was Rituals.

A Yule Procession by Allen Hartley

Winter’s might, gripped this longest night 
The Tawny Owl softly calls, as snowflakes fall 
The Blackbird is calling all, to acknowledge, the intercessor between the worlds 
The animals pass in review, before the golden hue, of his eyes 
As the procession was in recession, Brighid’s companion leaped 
To sleep, by the embers of the Yule fire 
No desire to rise, until satisfied 
Sol had released the land, from Winter’s might 

Note: The Irish Goddess, Brighid’s companion is a cat.


Allen Hartley has always been fascinated with ancient cultures and societies. He has spent decades researching the subject matter and focusing on Runic scripts. In 2002 he settled in North Idaho with his wife and son. While his current employment requires extensive travel, it also allowed him to publish his first book, Secrets of the Soul (2012). This was followed by Mists of Dawn (2013) and Boundaries of Time, due out in 2014. His latest release, Nature’s Palette – Waterscapes, is a non-fictional, joint project with his wife Vanessa, who has been a great source of help in refining his ideas. Find him at Amethyst Rain Publishing.

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