Tuesday 22 September 2015

Monday 14 September 2015

Poem: She is My God

My religion is found in love.
My church rests peacefully under this fig tree.
My rituals are found in the change of the winds, the phases of the moon, the rise of the tides, and the whispers of night.
My prayers are sent to the sun, and my priests are amongst the branches of this old tree.
I confess to the roots, and they lend me their wisdom.
My strength is found flowing from sacred springs of living water.
My hymns are in the song lines of this beautiful earth.
My communion is found in my lovers embrace.
My Bible is written neatly within the constellations.
My soul finds peace in the rhythms of nature- she is my God.

Brooke Hampton is the guardian of three wild and wonderful little earth warriors. She is a defender of light, Mother Nature, unconditional love, magic and beauty. Author of the Waldorf-inspired children's book Enchanted Cedar: The Journey Home. She considers herself an earth warrior, living food lover, organic gardener, wolf mama, wild water huntress, plant Goddess, love's mistress, book reader, home apothecary/kitchen witch, tea addict, love-maker, naked moon dancer, sun gazer, herbalist, barefoot mama. If you would like to get to know her better, you can visit her cyber-tribe online or on Instagram.