Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Book Reviews

We've just added a new permanent section to the Pagan Writers Community site. You'll find it in the tabs along the top, it's called Book Reviews.

This is your chance to tell us about the books you've been reading.

Reviews fall into three categories at the moment:

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry Collections

We're also looking for volunteers to help run that section of the site.

Get reviewing and get involved!


  1. Is there a way I can get my book reviewed here? I'm also willing to review someone else's book. Thanks!

  2. Hi Karen. You can submit a book review of someone else's work on the Book Review section of this site: http://pwcbookreviews.blogspot.co.uk

    We don't accept book reviews written by the author (as that can be a bit biased), but you could always ask on the Facebook page if someone would be willing to write a review for you: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pagan-Writers-Community/155620099232

    We've also just this minute added an Author Spotlight section, which you might be interested in: http://pwcauthorspotlight.blogspot.co.uk


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