Sunday, 17 November 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Midway Showcase

We're halfway through NaNoWriMo 2013, so here's a showcase of what our members have been writing about. We asked you to submit the paragraph you're most proud of writing so far:

 Wendy L. Callahan - working title: There's No Place Like Home

"I was always there for you, with you.”  Harmony gestured for her to turn her hand over, and traced her index finger along the lines of Cady’s palm.  “You wanted so much to be like me back then, and it hurt to see you try and think you failed at the same magick I wielded.  You never understood the differences between you and me."

You can find her on: website/Facebook/Twitter 


Morgan Drake Eckstein - Burger Flipping Confessions

The fact that soldiers are government property was driven home to me during army boot camp. One of the guys in my squad broke his arm, and one of the drill sergeants, Master Sergeant Reese yelled at him for breaking government property. I realized at that point that the military is just a form of legalized slavery. Yes, I realize that I must be some type of yellow hearted liberal to think that—that the proper answer is that the people who enlist in the military are patriots with the highest interests of the country foremost in their mind. Perhaps, that is true of the other branches of the service, and perhaps things changed after the fall of the Twin Towers; but in the 1980s, I was a typical example of the type that joined the military—the type that saw putting one’s life on the line for a period of time as a way to escape the poverty of their childhood. Poor uneducated white boys, poor uneducated Hispanic boys, poor uneducated black boys—my entire unit was poor and uneducated, no matter what the color of our skin was. If they would have not joined the military, they would have been working flipping burgers for a living.


  1. Hi, I have participated in and completed the NaNoWriMo Challenge the last three years. How do I become a member of the group to get my work highlighted here and to get some more writing buddies? Let me know how else I can help.

  2. Hi Karen. This was the first year we ran a NaNoWriMo group for PWC. We did advertise it heavily on the Facebook page and this site, but sadly Facebook is not very good at reaching most of our members. The group was here: but now that NaNo is over for this year it's gone quiet. We'll be running it again next year though, so keep an eye on our main Facebook page for details:

    If you would like to have your work showcased, e-mail the following to by 10th December:

    - Your name or nom de plume
    - A photo or avatar you'd like to represent you
    - Links to any of your social media/blogs/websites you'd like to mention
    - Up to a 1,000 word excerpt of your story
    - Your final words count, and when you hit the 50k goal (if you can remember)


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