Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Celtx Poetry Winner: The Ancient Altar Stone

The following poem by Diane Narraway won 3rd place in the third week of our 2014 Celtx Competition. The theme was Rituals.

The Ancient Altar Stone by Diane Narraway

Let me paint a picture, 
Of an ancient altar stone, 
And a long forgotten shaman 
Dressed in hide and bone. 

Whose piercing eyes see everything, 
Behind his painted skin, 
And the darkest fire burning 
Is the soul that lies within. 

Lord of his own dance 
In the misty morning light, 
Surrounded by his clansmen 
On that most sacred site. 

Whilst lying naked on the altar 
Lies the chosen one, 
Whose blood will be the offering, 
At the rising of the sun. 

Oh! How great would be the honour 
To be that sacrificial lamb, 
And give yourself so freely 
For the benefit of the clan. 

And when the darkness closes in, 
The next breath will be the last 
As to the sound of beating drums 
The blood runs thick and fast. 

To honour mother Earth 
As the sun begins to rise, 
The shamans staff is raised up high, 
Amidst the tribal cries. 

While the drums beat ever louder, 
To the rhythm of the heart. 
Then when he taps his staff three times, 
The celebrations truly start. 

But all that now remains 
Of that divine rite, 
Lies beyond the veils of time 
Upon that ancient site.


Diane Narraway began writing poetry at junior school and has always enjoyed writing.  These days she is the editor and chairwoman of Dolmen Grove Chronicles, which affords her the chance to write on a variety of topics ranging from reviews to short stories. She is also involved in several other writing projects including a pagan children’s book and, of course, more poetry, which she would like to get published as an anthology in the not-too-distant future. You can find Dolmen Grove on Facebook here and here.

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